Saturday, March 17, 2018

Infosec quotes - millions in ransom

The cost of poor DR and backup planning.

“... Linux ransomware attack that demanded an unprecedented 550 Bitcoins (BTC) or $1.62 million ransom ... On 14 June 2017 the web hosting company was able to negotiate the ransom down to 397.6 BTC, nearly $1.01 million, to be paid in three installments...” 

Infosec quotes - fake flash info stealer

Fake Flash Player install is

“... being used to push binary “info stealing” malware to Windows computers...” 

Infosec quotes - extol via gmail attachments

“... PowerShell-RAT exfils data through Gmail attachments...” 

Infosec quotes - objects macros into word docs

“...continuously monitors for doc files ... injects macros into doc files ...” 

Infosec quotes - ad as c2

“... It solves Network segmentation Issues.
Bypasses Internal Firewalls.
No traffic sent to the target....” 

Infosec quotes - Walmart mbm bucket

It’s a broken record by now , but another open S3 bucket.

“... The open S3 bucket, named “walmartsql,” housed an MSSQL database backup ... encrypted credit card details, payment details ... gives the appearance that this is the main customer database for MBM Company Inc.,..” 

Friday, March 16, 2018

Infosec quotes - espionage

“... TTPs from 🇨🇳 espionage
 > PowerShell + bitsadmin + WMI
 > Backdoor comms to legit sites including Github & Technet