Thursday, December 17, 2015

Real eCommerce SQL Injection Example

I saw this SQL injection attempt that was likely supposed to be directed towards some php mysql ecommerce platform (I couldn't figure out exactly which one).


It appears to try to take advantage of a SQL Injection vulnerability in a query string parameter called '0' on the news page of the site. I know this by the tick followed by the word union

httml/?0'union If I clean it up by removing the excess comments used for obfuscation i get this sql statement being tried.

union select 1 from (select count(*),concat(floor(rand(0)*2),0x3a, select concat(user,0x3a,password) from pwn_base_admin limit 0,1),0x3a)a from information_schema.tables group by a)b where'1'='1'

This is trying to output via a sql primary key error message, the username and password from the pwn_base_admin table. If you're not familiar with how this sql statement can output the sensitive data via an error getting thrown, please read my blog from last mnth about sqli duplicate entry for key.

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