Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Somebody Sent out a Phish/Spam Template instead of the Phish

Saw this email. I would guess the attacker sent out the phish/spam template instead of the actual phish/spam!

Date: 04/12/2017
Subject: {Say|Tell} No To {Fat|Being Fat}: {Act Now|Act Fast} & Get {Instant|Quick|Incredible|Fantastic|Marvelous|Outstanding} Results

{Having|Getting} the {body of you dreams|slim body|fit body|beach body} is {easier|much easier} than you {think|always thought|thought}, {all thanks to|thanks to|with the help of} the {correct|right|low carb} {diet|diet program|diet plan|nutrition plan|nutrition program}, {good|regular} {workout|gym workouts|workouts} and this {amazing|exclusive|revolutionary|advance|spectacular} {product|supplement|solution} that will {help you|allow you to|give you a chance to|give you an opportunity to|give you a possibility to} achieve {instant|quick|incredible|fantastic|marvelous|outstanding} results.
{Incredible|Revolutionary|Exceptional|Phenomenal|Outstanding|Glorious|Brilliant|Rapid-acting|Fast-acting} {product|supplement|solution} {working|suitable} for {all body types|types of bodies} has proven to {bring fast|show incredible|show fantastic|show quick|show jaw-dropping} results, {motivate|give motivation} for {ongoing|further} {weight reduction|weight loss}, improve {mood|your mood}, {reduce|decrease} appetite and {bring|provide} {all|other|many other} {positive|beneficial|great} effects.
{With the help of|Thanks to its} {exclusive|advanced|amazing|marvelous|unique|one-of-a-kind} formula {developed|created} {in collaboration|together} by {Japanese|German} and American {nutritionists|dietologists|scientists}, your {beach|fit|slim|dream} body is {only one click|one link} away, what are you waiting for?

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