Friday, December 27, 2019

compare dhcp leases to active directory pcs

python script

# 1st get a list of all dhcp leased unique hostnames (from dhcp logs) and put into dhcp.csv
# 2nd get a list of all active directory computers and save it in ad.csv by running this powershell
#               Get-ADComputer -Filter * |select name > ad.csv
# then run this python to compare and find the potentially rogue devices
adFile = r'ad.csv'
dhcpFile = r'dhcp.csv'
noADfile = r'notInAD.csv'
with open(dhcpFile, 'r') as dhcpFileHandle, open(noADfile, 'w') as notInADHandle:
 notInADCount = 0
 searchedCount = 0
 for dhcpHost in dhcpFileHandle:
  foundIt = 0
  with open(adFile, 'r') as adFileHandle:
   for adHost in adFileHandle: 
    adHost = adHost.lower().strip()
    dhcpHost = dhcpHost.lower().strip()
    if dhcpHost == adHost:
     foundIt = 1
  searchedCount = searchedCount + 1
  if foundIt == 0:
   print(dhcpHost, end='', file=notInADHandle)
   notInADCount = notInADCount + 1
   print("%s not in Active Directory, Searched %s DHCP Leases" % (str(notInADCount), str(searchedCount)))

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