Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Convert String to Shell Code Hex in Python

if you want
to become hex you can use in assembly for shell code

>>> for word in (re.findall(".{8}", binascii.hexlify("//bin/sh".encode()).decode())):
...  byte = re.findall(".{2}", word)
...  cmd = ""
...  for index in range(len(byte)-1,-1,-1):
...   cmd = cmd + byte[index]
...  print("push 0x%s" % cmd)

push 0x69622f2f
push 0x68732f6e

side notes
   binascii.hexlify converts string to binary
   re.findall(".{8}", finds the words
   re.findall(".{2}" , finds the bytes
   range(... ,... , -1) loops through the bytes in each word backwards (endianess)
   cmd = cmd + ...  rebuilds the hex in the correct order

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