Thursday, June 25, 2020

my weak attempt at Trickbot analysis in IDA

md5 09CF5ED5EDF9532A802526B663277739

varSomeKeyValue = "random chars"
call subLoadMshtaAndKernel32Dll()
ret1 = call subReturnAddressToNextCall
call subNoNestingCalculatAddress
ret2 = call ret1(CurrentProcessHandle)
loop [ move data ]
call subNoNestingPrintError
printf("Error %d: %s.\n")
call ret2 (segment that originally was not in "text/code" segment, debug042)
repeated calls [ call subNoNestingDecodeString ] (LoadLibraryA, GetProcAddress, VirtualAlloc, VirtualProtect, ZwFlushInstructionCache)
call GetNativeSystemInfo (check vm/sandbox cores?)
call VirtualAlloc
returned EAX 0x00480000
call ZwFlushInstructionCache (ensures cpu sees the malicious "memory change")
call esi (another segment that originally was not in "text/code" segment)
threw exception invalid instruction (debug044:004AFC40)
Load String Resources
Load Bitmap Resource 138
call subNoNestingLoadResourcesAndRegisterWindow()
call subNoNestingGetWidthHeightScreenCreateWindowSetWindowPosition()
Load Accelerators (keyword shortcuts) , get messages , and dispatch messages

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