Tuesday, December 16, 2014

It's Time to Kill HTTP

You've seen the green lock next to a URL before indicating you're on a secure website. If you're savvy enough you probably even confirm it's there before you do sensitive things like pay with a credit card or do your online banking. I contend that's not enough. It's time to kill HTTP and move all websites over to HTTPS.

Why? Security. Privacy. Awareness. Google says so. It's time.

Security - For example if you're logging into any website and you'd don't see the lock you might as well just post your password on the front page of Facebook. Believe me when I say it's become trivial to do things like sniff Hotel and Coffee Shop wireless for pain text passwords over HTTP. And at work all it takes is somebody on your wireless or a Joe Blow with access to a network jack to see your credentials or critical internal data floating across the wire.

Privacy - There are levels of snooping that go beyond trying to grab your password. Imagine HTTP traffic as the news ticker scrolling across try bottom of CNN. Any data that you submit over HTTP is plain as day out in the open and trivial to collect and aggregate. Imagine all the data you plug in such as email addresses , street address, zip code , phone , etc. being collected and saved into a database. But above and beyond that ... What are you typing into your search engine? Perhaps your current health conditions? Your political affiliations? And more ... What if you're typing nothing ... You're just surfing the internet ? All the urls and pages you go to can tell a lot about a person like where they live, what they do on the weekend , what age kids they have , etc. Why would you ever want that in plain text for the world to see?

Awareness - Hey, if I haven't scared you yet, let me put it bluntly ... The Internet is dangerous. Don't trust it. There are lots of disturbed people and companies out there. People need to be told the truth and made aware that the only true way to stay safe is encrypt everything. Everything. Emails , web traffic, public websites, internal work websites, everything.

Google says so - Most recently they wrote a blog ( Chromium Blog - Making HTTP non-secure ) saying they're considering marking HTTP urls as "insecure" ... Letting the browser finally tell the truth ... If you're not on HTTPS you are not safe! Google also announced this year that they will start giving SEO search ranking bonus points to websites running all HTTPS ( Google Webmaster - HTTPS as a Ranking ).

It's Time - It's time for HTTP to die. Performance is no longer an issue. Today's modern hardware and virtual environments can handle HTTPS even on peak days like Cyber Monday. Cost is no longer an excuse, as SSL Certificates are almost as cheap as candy nowadays. SEO is no longer an issue. Google has decided to reward you for it. There's no more excuses, it's time.

Snowden showed us that everybody is watching you and the X-Files had it right when they said "Trust No One". The next time you build a website or web service whether it's out on the Internet or local to your company's Intranet, do the smart thing and HTTPS-it-up! The next time you're on an HTTP website, second guess everything you're doing. If you love that site, reach out to the owner and tell them to convert over to HTTPS. It's time for everybody to jump aboard and do what's right .... Kill HTTP.

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