Thursday, May 7, 2015

Majority of Internet Encrypted by 2016

Couple of good articles around moving the Internet to HTTPS.

Because of NetFlix, more than half of the world’s Internet traffic will likely be encrypted by year end, says a report released by the Canadian networking equipment company Sandvine. The current share of encrypted traffic on the web is largely due to Google , Facebook , and Twitter , which have all by now adopted HTTPS by default.

Google said that the Github DDoS attack would not have been possible if the web had embraced moves to encrypt its transport layers. "This provides further motivation for transitioning the web to encrypted and integrity-protected communication," Google security engineer Niels Provos.

Firefox Web browser wants to see Web site encryption become standard practice. Mozilla said it plans to set a date by which all new features for its browser will be available only to secure Web sites. Additionally, it will gradually phase out access to some browser features for Web sites that continue to use HTTP instead of the certificate-secured HTTPS.

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