Monday, October 12, 2015

Memory Dump Collection & Analysis

Here is a quick run-down of basic Memory Dump collection and analysis on a Windows 7 machine.

First download a memory dump tool like DumpIt.

Then generate a memory dump by running the tool against the desired machine.

Move the memory dump to your analysis vm.

Determine what Image type you're going to use.
   python.exe imageinfo -f WIN7-20151012-174426.raw

Run queries against the dump like "pslist" (process list)
   python.exe --profile=Win7SP0x86 -f WIN7-20151012-174426.raw pslist

"pstree" (process tree)
   python.exe --profile=Win7SP0x86 -f WIN7-20151012-174426.raw pstree

"netscan" (connections)
   python.exe --profile=Win7SP0x86 -f WIN7-20151012-174426.raw netscan

Find all registry hives and query one for a key
   python.exe --profile=Win7SP0x86 -f WIN7-20151012-174426.raw hivelist
   python.exe --profile=Win7SP0x86 -f WIN7-20151012-174426.raw printkey -o 0x90839008 -K "Google\Update"

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