Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Getting 2 Virtual Box VMs to Talk to Eachother

Let's say I wanted to run thru some security walk-through like BeEF for example, but I don't want to touch my host device, I want to do it with multiple VMs in virtual box.

One of the trickier things sometimes with VMs is getting Networking setup correctly so 2 of them can talk to eachother. Today I'll show you how to get your Kali Linux vm and your Windows 7 vm to talk to eachother in both directions. Here's one simple way to do it.

Step 1 - Setup a Global Network
a.) Go to File->Preferences

b.) Click the plus sign and Add a new network, give it a name, leave the rest as default

Step 2 - Set each VM to use the new Global Network
a.) For each VM, go to Settings -> Network

b.) Select the new Global Network you created (I called mine BeEf)

Step 3 - Validate they can connect
a.) For each VM, find out it's IP address that it was assigned (this is a private address that only other VMs in that new global network you created can see). You cannot access this IP from your host or from other unrelated VMs. In windows, find your IP address by typing ipconfig /all. In linux, find it by typing ifconfig.
b.) For each VM, go to the command line and try to ping the other, this should work
c1.) If desired, to complete your validation, in Windows start a web server your IIS Express. Then from Linux try to access it via browser via the IP address.

c2.) And if desired, to complete your validation, in Linux start a web server your BeEf ui. Then from Windows try to access it via browser via the IP address.

You should be done and have bi-directional communication so you're ready to start hooking browsers or doing whatever else you desire in your own little area.

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