Wednesday, February 10, 2016

iPhone/iPad Locked out Passcode Factory Reset

So I had a iphone and ipad that I had no clue what the passcode was and I wanted to factory reset it. I did some google searches, and found several instructions, but none were simple & straightforward. Here's my simpler straightforward instructions. Warning of course you're going to lose everything.

0.) download and install itunes
1.) start itunes
2.) Plug iphone/ipad into computer with usb
3.) Power off phone
4.) Hold Home and Power down in iphone/ipad for about 10 seconds until apple power-up icon goes away
5.) Continue holding home ... release Power button ... so you're just holding home
6.) Hold home until computer has popup from itunes that says iphone/ipad detected in recovery mode
7.) click ok
8.) click restore ipad
9.) wait until iphone reboots, you should now be on a new phone welcome screen with no password

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