Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Run this Free Scan on your Website

Mozilla came out with a great free online tool called the Mozilla Observatory which gives you another great way to get a gauge as to how secure your developers and sysadmin are setting up your website. It's a simple A to F grade scale again, and of course like every other tool it's not perfect, but if you have a dynamically generated site that pulls records from a database for example, you really want to consider having your team modify your website code to get the score of an A.

It tells you about many great features, mostly HTTP Header related, that you should be doing on your site but may not be. It has the little informational icon which will give you details about how to resolve your issues also.

It also tells you about your SSL configuration (Qualys SSL LAbs is also a good tool for this)

Overall it's good to get 3rd party perspectives on the security of your site.

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