Tuesday, July 28, 2020

attempt at emotet api resolver

random scattered notes


update: after-the-fact This blog seems useful
"...the FS register points to the Thread Environment Block, or TEB. The offset 0x30 contains a pointer to the Process Environment Block, or PEB. From there the malware will walk the structure to _PEB_LDR_DATA which contains the head of a doubly-linked list called InMemoryOrderModuleList. This list contains the list entries containing BaseDllName and DllBase. When the entry point to the PE header is located, the PE structure is walked to find the export table. Emotet will then loop over the exported names to find the API function it is searching for..."

api monitor
- spawned child "mssvp.exe" in appdata
- create windows service mssvp

sc delete "service name"
copy emotet_copy.exe emotet.exe
breakpoint openscmanager
ctrl-f7 (run until return, until get back to "debug" code)
select program segment, highlight, click 'C' for code, analyze
change to "Graph View"

look for code
  mov ecx, [esi+30h]
  call sub_???? (transform api with bunch of xors)
  xor eax, 11D20899h
  cmp eax, ebx

looking for 23F29385 (in ebx)

dll name transformed xor'd
emotet-910.exe C9F6F7D9 D824FC40
ntdll.dll D22E2014 C3FC288D
kernel32.dll 8F7EE672 9EaCEDEB
KERNELBASE.dll 6267DEE4 73B5D57D
USER32.dll D3361080 C2E41B19
GDI32.dll B6C64D61 A71446F8
LPK.dll FF368B1D EEE48084
UPS10.dll F73320A7 E6E12B3E
msvcrt.dll 88053F6B 99D734F2
ADVAPI32.dll 3220981C 23F29385 (found it)

mov edx, 4A609DFEh
mov ecx, 23F29385h #transformed & xor'd api to resolve
call apiResolver

apiResolver(edx=not used (4A609DFEh), ecx=transformAndXordApi (23F29385))
 apiResolverInternal(edi=4A609DFEh, ecx=transformAndXordApi (23F29385))
  foreach api in fs:30h
   eax = subTransformModule(ecx=edi+esicounter) #30h intervals
   eax = eax | 11D20399h
   if(eax == transformAndXordApi)
    eax = [esi+18h] # the starting address of the module dll (75D20000 for ADVAPI32)
exit loop & use it

functionResolver(edx=function looking for (4A609DFEh), ecx=apiResolutionDllAddress (75D20000 for ADVAPI32))
 foreach function
  ecx = ecx + apicounter #ecx starts as ADVAPI32 address
  eax = subTransformFunction(ecx)
  eax = eax | 5776499Bh
  if(eax == edx)
exit loop & use it

looking for 4A609DFEh (in ebp+var8)

function name transformed xor'd
** F82294E8 AF54DD73
** 838A4B1E D4FC0285
** FC3ECBB7 AB48822C
** 4C8FA46C 1BF9EDF7
** 4C8FA482 1BF9ED19
CloseServiceHandle  ***                ***

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