Tuesday, July 28, 2020

emotet mfc using CreateDlgIndirect lpDialogFunc call-back

emotet mfc starting point notes, trying to figure out where the malicious code starts

-call dword ptr [eax+90h] (which is CWinApp::InitApplication)
-call dword ptr [eax+50h] (which is local function in .text)
-- AfxEnableControlContainer()
-- call localFunction1()
--- CDialog::CDialog()
--- call localFunction3()
---- CWnd::CWnd
---- call localFunction4() [just moves 1 memory slot]
---- call dword ptr [edx+0ch]
---- CToolTipCtrl::CToolTipCtrl()
---- GetSysColor
---- call localFunction5()
----- branches to possibly these items
------ localFunction6()
------- branches to possibly these items
-------- unknown_libname (mfc 3.1-14.0 32bit)
-------- AfxThrowOleException
------ call dword ptr [edx+4]
----- call dword ptr [eax+0ch]
--- CWnd::CWnd()
--- call ??_L@... (vector constructor iterator)
--- AfxGetModuleState()
--- AfxGetModuleState()
--- LoadIconA
-- CDialog::DoModal()
-- call localFunction2()
-if success
--call dword ptr [eax+54h] (which is CWinApp::Run)
-if failure
--call dword ptr [eax+68h] (which is CWinApp::ExitInstance)

my 1st assumption was to break on
that didn't work, emotet still installed service & never hit my breakpoint

so instead i end up looking at that local function in .text that calls
 AfxEnableControlContainer, DoModal
googling shows this template below is common in C# mfc code that does a "popup dialog box"
 CMainDialog dlg
emotet doesn't show a modal (unless it's hidden?) but maybe there is hidden code in the modal???

trying to find a good breakpoint
- AfxEnableControlContainer is hit
- call localFunction1 is hit
- DoModal is hit
- call localFunction2 is NOT hit
malicious code appears to execute & exit when DoModal is called

Inside DoModal i first tried breakpoints at
but it never hit my breakspoint, so malicious code ran before that

DoModal (still in the .text section)
- AfxGetModuleState()
- AfxGetModuleState()
- FindResourceA()
- LoadResource()
- LockResource()
- CDialog::PreModal()
- AfxUnhookWindowCreate()
- AfxHookWindowCreate()
- CWnd::FromHandle()
- CWnd::CreateDlgIndirect()
- ... more ...

Stepping thru DoModal, the malicious code runs after call to
so I need to dig more in there

msdn ( https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/api/winuser/nf-winuser-createdialogindirecta )
appears to indicate that there is a lpDialogFunc of type DLGPROC
 this can be a call-back procedure, i think there is where the malicious code is

- CreateDialogIndirectParamA(..., AfxDlgProc/lpDialogFunc, )
-- CreateDialogIndirectParamAorW()
--- call near ptr unk_76371801
--- call near ptr unk_763718E1
---- AfxDlgProc() <-- i think this is the CreateDlgIndirect using the call-back function
---- call dword ptr [edx+144h]
------ call localFunction7() in .text
------- CDialog::OnInitDialog()
------- GetSystemMenu()
------- FromHandle()
------- localFunction4()
------- call dword ptr [edx+0ch]
------- AfxFindStringResourceHandle()
------- localFunction8()  <-- possibly the start of the malicious code
-------- FindResourceA()
-------- localFunction9()
--------- LoadResource()
--------- LockResource()
--------- SizeOfResource()
--------- localFunction10() [GetVersionExA, InterlockedExchange]
--------- WideCharToMultiByte()
--------- localFunction11()
---------- call dword ptr [edx+8]
--------- localFunction10() [GetVersionExA, InterlockedExchange]
--------- WideCharToMultiByte()
--------- localFunction6()
------- AppendMenuA()
------- !!! DEFINITELY EVIL CODE !!!
------- (stack string for mshta.exe)

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