Wednesday, July 1, 2020

failed attempt at trickbot analysis with ida

Trickbot analysis following OALabs tutorial
Sha256: fa9ad80c0977cdbfe8419d27ca9ad909d34f1737df726f4d175f6b85b0670074

checked pestudio, ASLR was enabled
disabled ASLR with CFF Explorer (Dll can move, Image is NX Compatible)

since hybrid analysis loads same malware (process injection maybe?) set breakpoints

bp1 [CreateProcessInternalW] 3rd parameter on stack debug033:003089C0
which is the same path as our binary we are running

then it terminated? unlike the OALabs video in which is break next at WriteProcessMemory
must be something catching my vm and terminating?

kill the trickbot process
restart in IDA
hit CreateProcessInternalW breakpoints
CTRL-F7 (run until return) until i get to user code

code resolves all APIs (repeated multiple times)
then calls
followed by
test/jz <-- Virtual Alloc is returning 0 and then debugger is terminating (but a process still alive in task manager [the paused one?])

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